Here you can download the presentation (in Spanish) and samples of the webcast about Cloud Services and Azure Services Platform that I did friday together with my Lagash workmate Jorge Fioranelli.

Hakan Lindestaf has updated the code of WS-Compression for WSE 3 to be compatible with WS-Compression for WCF.

The updated version are available for download here.

Thank Hakan!

Today I solved a bug that prevented use of customs types as arguments of generic types in contratcs of a web services who are called with proxy generated with Web Service Dynamic Proxy.

Thanks to Gabriel Almiñana

Download the fix  from here.

Here you can download the presentation and samples of the TechNight about Interoperability in Windows Communication Foundation that I did last Friday together with Jorge Fioranelli and Ariel Krakovsky.

Thanks to everyone who attended to this event, and specially to Miguel Saez for organize it.

Today I add support for Generic Lists in Web Service Dynamic Proxy

Download the code and a sample of use from here.

Here you can download the presentation and samples (in spanish) of the conference “Advance Windows Communication Foundation” (“Windows Communication Foundation Avanzado”) that I did in Microsoft Argentina HQ together with Diego Gonzalez and Javier Arguello.

The best of this presentation:

  • The summary of what properties you must be use in each type of behavior (by DiegoG)
  • The solution for retrieve the entire WCF configuration from a centralizated database catalog (by Me)
  • The technique for host WCF services in IIS without create .svc files (by Me)
  • The didactic explanation of the WCF channel model (by JavierA)

In futures posts I will explain some of this solutions and techniques.

Thanks to everyone who attended to this event.

Me, Javier and Diego

Me, Javier and Diego

My coleague at Lagash Mariano Sanchez has started his own Blog. Your first article is about a tricky error when a WCF service hosted in an IIS tries to load a certificate from the Windows Certificates Store with the account of the Application Pool.

Last week I was learned in deep the WCF channel architecture and how to development a custom transport channel. To put in practice these knowledge I had programmed a transport channel that works over POP3 and SMTP protocols.

This channel is based in the soap.smtp channel that Steve Maine write for WCF Beta 2, and is also based in the UDP transport channel that come in Windows SDK.

Here you can download the channel code and a complete sample of use.

Some days ago Ezequiel Glinsky sended me a link to Microsoft Live Relay Service. From that moment on I fascinated with this new technology that makes possible the communication among Web Services that are behind firewalls or NAT’s. It is also very interesting the Mictosoft Live Labs STS, a public Secure Token Service that uses Windows CardSpace.

To get start with this service go to