Here you can download the material (in spanish) of the presentation”Advance Web Development with ASP.NET” (Desarrollo Web Avanzado con ASP.NET) that I did in La Plata National University. Thanks to Fernanda Luna from Microsoft Universities for her helping organizing this event.

Yesterday after reorganizing my code snippets the code editor of visual studio still show the same snippets folder that no longer exist. The solution for this problem was to eliminate the file C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\1033\ExpansionsXML.xml

Pablo Cibraro (who has been named as MVP in Connected Systems, congratulations!!!) has upgraded WS-Compression For WCF, this new version uses Channels instead of Behaviors.

Some days ago I found FileHelpers. This excellent piece of code are an easy to use library for import and export data from text files. It is exactly what I was needing for an ETL project. Thanks to their author Marcos Meli for the excelent work.

Here you can download the material (in spanish) of the talk “How to: Create secure applications” (“How to: Creando Aplicaciones Seguras”) that I did in Microsoft Argentina HQ together with Diego Gonzalez and Pablo Cibraro.