Month: May 2012

SignalR Samples

In recent days many people have asked me if I have more examples of SignalR use. I collected some that are floating around the Web about the various ways of using SignalR for publish together (and also I have simplified and updated them to the latest versions of SignalR, jQuery, and Knockout). The samples are: EchoConnectionSignalR: Echo…

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Permanent Site Redirector

During the process of migrating my blog to a new address I didn’t want to lose the old links (and all the history associated with them in Google ;-)), so to avoid this I programmed a small tool that allows to redirect addresses across multiple servers using the HTTP 301 status code, which is the…

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New Address For This Blog

After more than 7 years of publishing my blog at I decided to change the address to and upgrade the platform where it is hosted. I hope this is a new beginning to write more often again. The migration process was quite successful and all previous addresses, files, and content are still valid (just…

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