Take care when you are using not managed resources in .NET.
For example for not implement a dispose pattern like this a service that I made, it created a lot off memory mapped files and they never closed, causing the memory drained off.

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If you are using the XPathExpression class in a multithread environment, be careful!!! this class isn’t thread safe. To use it in multithread environment make sure clone the instance that you are using (with the Clone method) because for example it’s a static shared instance.
I hope this post help somebody for not becoming crazy looking for a bug like me!!! 😉

Some time ago, my friend Andrés and me had worked in a messaging system based on WSE 2. For this project Andrés had to develop the protocol WS-ReliableMessaging. Parts of that implementation was upload to the Plumbwork project, but it was not totally functional and it doesn’t contain any example. Today I have upgraded the code with the last fixes and improvements that we have had incorporated these months. It also contains a small example. Download it from here or from Plumbwork.

Yesterday I was trying to use the compression module blowery.web with the last version of SharpZipLib ( and the error ‘Invalid uses of response filter’ took place if configured compresion module with gzip algorithm. After some debug i found that SharpZipLib lasted version writes the headers of the algorithm gzip in the constructor of the class GZipOutputStream and version write headers when invoke GZipOutputStream.Write method. I modified a little the class GZipFilter of the compression module to adapt it to the behavior of the version, and to avoid fails. Here is the code.

Many times, I thinked to myself that some day in the future, I will begin a blog. Well, today is the day.

A little about my: I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’m 25 years old.

About my job, I’m a solution architect for large project in my contry. I have programmed computers since time of “Commodore 64” when I was 10 years old. Some months ago, I was working with my friend Andres in a messaging subsystem (like Fabriq) and now we are implementation phase so, I’m very happy ;).

I hope that this blog will be useful. See you later!