Materials of Advance Windows Communication Foundation Conference

Here you can download the presentation and samples (in spanish) of the conference “Advance Windows Communication Foundation” (“Windows Communication Foundation Avanzado”) that I did in Microsoft Argentina HQ together with Diego Gonzalez and Javier Arguello.

The best of this presentation:

  • The summary of what properties you must be use in each type of behavior (by DiegoG)
  • The solution for retrieve the entire WCF configuration from a centralizated database catalog (by Me)
  • The technique for host WCF services in IIS without create .svc files (by Me)
  • The didactic explanation of the WCF channel model (by JavierA)

In futures posts I will explain some of this solutions and techniques.

Thanks to everyone who attended to this event.

Me, Javier and Diego

Me, Javier and Diego

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