As a part of a web service adapter for Service Invocation Framework I developed a code for dynamic web service proxy generation. Today I have decided to extract this code from Service Invocation Framework  and transform it into a small library for call a web service without generate static proxy code.

Download the library code and a sample of use from here.

Enjoy it!

Service Invocation Framework RC1 is released!!!.

But what is Service Invocation Framework?, It’s a light-weight framework to speed up SOA implementations. It’s is small part of a bigger framework for a project in which I worked with to Sergio Borromei of Microsoft Consulting Services during the last two years, and now, MCS had decided to liberate this work to the community.

Some it’s features are:

  • Transport and protocol agnostic.
  • Unified programmatic model for service consumption.
  • Aligned with WCF.
  • Allows:
    • Service consumption.
    • Dynamic proxy generation on runtime.
    • Add cross cutting-logic to service invocations.
    • Service mocking.
    • Diagnostics and tracing.

This first release have focus in the client. The next releases will allow create and publish services with a few code and configuration, and integration with Visual Studio 2005.

Download binaries, source code and documentation from here.

Kenny Lamoot found a problem in the form in that the size of the message is measured to decide if it is compressed or not based on the configuration of the threshold.

The updated versions are available for download here (WSE 2) and here (WSE 3).

Today I upgrade WS-compression for WSE3 with a new constructor in the class CompressionAssertion. This constructor allows to set the compression policy by code without necessity of configuration file. Thanks to Kenny Lamoot for this idea.

Today was a boring day 🙂 so only for fun I upgrade a series of WSE 2 custom transports to WSE 3. Besides upgrade them I improve their configuration and add a complete example of use.

These are the transports:

Download the WSE 3 Custom Transports Collecion here.

Pablo Cibraro (who has been named as MVP in Connected Systems, congratulations!!!) has upgraded WS-Compression For WCF, this new version uses Channels instead of Behaviors.

My partner Pablo Cibraro has developed a version of WS-Compression for WCF (Indigo). Download it from here (it was developed with Febrary CTP).

I had received some mails asking me for a version of WS-Compression for WSE 3, and here is finally!
The code includes a complete example of use.

Here the intrucciones to make that WSE 3 download from Microsoft Web Site in an installer made with Visual Studio .NET 2005.