Service Invocation Framework

Service Invocation Framework RC1 is released!!!.

But what is Service Invocation Framework?, It’s a light-weight framework to speed up SOA implementations. It’s is small part of a bigger framework for a project in which I worked with to Sergio Borromei of Microsoft Consulting Services during the last two years, and now, MCS had decided to liberate this work to the community.

Some it’s features are:

  • Transport and protocol agnostic.
  • Unified programmatic model for service consumption.
  • Aligned with WCF.
  • Allows:
    • Service consumption.
    • Dynamic proxy generation on runtime.
    • Add cross cutting-logic to service invocations.
    • Service mocking.
    • Diagnostics and tracing.

This first release have focus in the client. The next releases will allow create and publish services with a few code and configuration, and integration with Visual Studio 2005.

Download binaries, source code and documentation from here.

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