Windows Vista Beta 1 First Impressions

After three weeks using the Beta 1 of Windows Vista these are my impressions:

  • The installation delays enough
  • It has got few utilities (miss shortcuts to Defrag, WordPad, ect.)
  • It hasn´t SideBar
  • It has only one desktop theme
  • Include .NET 1.0 but not include .NET 1.1
  • It hasn´t WinFx (Indigo and Avalon)
  • It´s very stable (only one blue screen)
  • All drivers for XP of my notebook works well
  • Multiple users even if the machine joins to a domain (I love this feature!)
  • IE7 and integrate desktop search works very well

Definitive, this version of Windows Vista is like to XP + a new theme + FireFox + Google Desktop. I hope it improves in the next versions.

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