La semana pasada estuve dando un workshop sobre el lenguaje de programación Go en las oficinas de Lagash.

El contenido del workshop va desde lo básico hasta como construir una API REST completa con acceso a datos.

El material lo pueden descargar desde, y los slides están disponibles en

Próximamente vamos a repetir taller, pueden inscribirse aquí.

¡Gracias a todos los que asistieron! 🙂

El jueves pasado di una charla en el MUG sobre el lenguaje de programación Rust.

Abajo les dejo la presentación.

¡Gracias a todos los que asistieron!

Hoy estuve en el MUG dando un Workshop practico sobre .NET multiplataforma.

Desde aquí pueden descargar los ejemplos y la presentación en este mismo post.

¡Gracias a todos los que asistieron! 🙂

Today I updated my POP3 client library for use in Windows Runtime.

The work for convert the existing .NET 4.5 code for support WinRT was more easier than I thought. In fact almost the entire code base is the same for .NET4.5 and WinRT, the only that I needed for reuse the code is a little bit of condicional compilation magic, and reimplement the socket layer using new WinRT Socket API.

You can download the library from NuGet, or if you want to browse the code go to GitHub repository.

Enjoy it! 🙂

After more than 7 years of publishing my blog at I decided to change the address to and upgrade the platform where it is hosted. I hope this is a new beginning to write more often again.

The migration process was quite successful and all previous addresses, files, and content are still valid (just missed the comments :-().

Thank you very much to all who follow me for so many years!

I’m very happy to announce that I have been recognized as an MVP in Client App Dev for a third year.

Thank to Microsoft for this prestigious award!

I have been recognized as an MVP in Client App Dev for a second year. This is a great award that I’m very honoured to receive.

Thank to Microsoft for the award and thank you to the community for allowing me to share my passion for the software development!