Pablo Cibraro (who has been named as MVP in Connected Systems, congratulations!!!) has upgraded WS-Compression For WCF, this new version uses Channels instead of Behaviors.

Some days ago I found FileHelpers. This excellent piece of code are an easy to use library for import and export data from text files. It is exactly what I was needing for an ETL project. Thanks to their author Marcos Meli for the excelent work.

My partner Pablo Cibraro has developed a version of WS-Compression for WCF (Indigo). Download it from here (it was developed with Febrary CTP).

This is my list of indispensable tools for the development with .NET:

UPDATE: More tools here.

I had received some mails asking me for a version of WS-Compression for WSE 3, and here is finally!
The code includes a complete example of use.